Fighting with your kids about the sleep they're not getting sucks

Help Your Kid Discover A Better Way to Better Sleep, Naturally
Train their brain to achieve healthier sleep patterns and watch your kid transform & blossom into a new person you actually enjoy being around with our best sleep consultant

Parents, tired of fighting your teen or pre-teen to get sleep?

  • It gets harder and harder to wake your kid up in the morning
  • Their sleep is so out of control that they sometimes miss school, are tardy, or miss events they love, like games or dance recitals.
  • They are a walking text book of all the wrong things to do:
  • Surfing on their phone in bed, eating and working out at the wrong time of day, playing games at random times, even getting into animated discussions long after they should
  • You’ve tried: natural consequences, bargaining, lecturing, hiding caffeine, yelling, and more, yet nothing seems to work

Fast Forward to the Next Morning

  • Your kid gets frustrated when you try “welcoming them to the land of the living”
  • They refuse to get up the first, second, or third time you go into their rooms
  • Your blood pressure elevates with each trip to their bedroom as you find them still snuggled in their bed, asleep
  • You’ve tried super loud alarms, blaring the radio, flipping over their mattress, & cold water splashes, yet nothing works.
  • And if you get one more note about your child sleeping in class, you’ll scream!!!
  • Between them being late to class, falling asleep in class, and failing to turn in homework, they’re skating on thin ice & you don’t even know if they’ll pass for the year
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Constantly fighting with your kids over the fundamental need for sleep is exhausting

  • Mom, Dad, & Caregivers, I’ve been there. My sole worry was getting my kid to sleep at a decent time, esp. as they approached driving age-I couldn’t bear to think of them behind the wheel sleep deprived (new driver + sleep deprivation=disaster)
  • And while sleep medicine has its place, it was not for us. I wanted a natural solution, one that wouldn’t cause side effects or require life time support to keep working, or worse yet, require higher dosages over time just to continue being effective!
  • When kids don’t sleep well, they suffer: headaches, dry, burning eyes, low energy, poor attitude/mood, poor school performance, and an appetite for even MORE junk food than this demographic normally has. So why are they so resistant to sleep?
  • Constantly fighting with your kids over the fundamental need for sleep can even negatively impact your sleep.

Put This Problem to Bed For Good!

  • It’s time to put the peace back in your home.
  • Night time and morning wars stop here and now!
  • Using our innovative approach, combining fun techniques with other natural alternatives, your child can sleep like a baby again, and get:

Nearly 50% of Americans feel sleep deprived 3-7 days per week

your child doesn’t have to be one of them.

Our Sleep Consultant Help You With a Wide Variety of Sleep Issues

Snoring Bed Partners

Restless Leg Syndrome

Night Terrors

Parasomnias/ Sleep Walking

Resistant Kids

Drowsy Driving


And more!

We Help With a Wide Variety of Sleep Issues

There’s a Better Way to Get Better Sleep

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It’s time to relax and make choices that help you and your kids get their best sleep ever. Stop dreading night time and embrace it with an enjoyable night routine that teens actually look forward to.

Sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity.

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There’s a Better Way to Get Better Sleep | Sleep Consultant in Fort Worth, Tx

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